Scope of Variables in Java

Even in real life to avoid complexity sometimes categorization could be very useful. In super market, for

instance, to facilitate shopping, generally products are categorized. İf not so, can you imagine while buying a bread you also looking at the price tag of a dishwashing liquid? We don’t want it right?

Similarly Java use this logic to prevent possible errors. But firstly we should know that according to the Java, scope means a field inside the two curly brackets.

Suppose that we start to write code in which we will have some variables that have the same name. How do you think java find out exactly which variable you want to use at there? That instant java uses the scope method to avoid complexity.

Let’s make our example concrete.

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Being Human

Hacking your brain for happiness

Have you ever thought of human beings as a simple machine? Yes, it’s a little tough but let’s try to take a glance together.

If we were got brought the world by another family where there’s significantly different cultures, values even religions, probably we would be much different people compare to nowadays, right.

It’s not a proof for us to be a machine, of course, but we can easily say about us that we’re what we’re exposed to: even our perspective towards life, other humans etc is shaped by that way.

So who can easily say that every decision made by him/herself only made by him/herself?

There’s a profound impact on the our decisions by environment, so on our mood as well and it’s the point why I bring this subject up.

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Computer Science

Let’s start

Is it cliche if I say ‘hello world’ when starting? OK then let’s pass the cliche.

There was a developer whom has a software company at our university and once me and a couple of my friends visited him. At that meeting he recommended me and my friends that while learning new things keeping blog posts is vital for someone who is at the begging of the learning path.

And continued saying ‘if you are able to explain a thing that you’ve just learned, than you got it, otherwise it might be indicate that you weren’t able to got it properly’

While I was listening him, I had some aim on being a developer and developing my second language as English. At that time my neural snaps started whispering things into my brain folds making my eyes like 😏

When I thought my aim from the perspective of this recommendation I said to myself that it would be very useful keeping a blog in English and started to write this blog.

And from now on I’ll be around here with my learning experience 😊